Blackburn Consulting’s geotechnical engineering practice incorporates both theoretical and experience based knowledge.
Although we recognize that technical skills in the key areas identified are vital, we also must communicate with design, regulatory, and construction teams. We return phone calls and e-mails on the same day, and anticipate situations before they arise and address them head on.
Our in-house certified laboratories perform a wide array of tests on soil, rock, soil amendment mixtures, and aggregates.
Evaluation and understanding of a site’s geologic conditions is important in determination of potential impacts and economical design.  Our engineering geologists provide the expertise to evaluate site conditions and recommend reasonable solutions to potential geologic/geotechnical impacts.  Besides the usual site investigation methods such as drilling and sampling, test pits, and cone penetrometer testing, BCI provides geophysical services and supplements subsurface investigations with seismic refraction and resistivity surveys.   
Blackburn Consulting supplements its Geotechnical Services with: