BCI’s geo-environmental professionals are experienced with diverse issues and solutions.  To complete a successful project, we team with our clients and navigate them through the often complex process that begins with issue identification and ends with a determination of "no-further action needed”.  Typically, the process begins by establishing if an issue actually exists.  If it does, we work with our team to assess the impact and develop a solution.

Geo-Environmental engineering includes interpreting and understanding applicable government codes, regulations and guidelines.  Consequently, BCI understands the necessity of working effectively with our clients, other members of the project team, and regulatory personnel. 


BCI’s Geo-Environmental professionals have a broad base of experience working closely with agencies such as:

  • California Division of the State Architect
  • California Regional Water Quality Control Boards
  • California Department of Toxic Substance Control
  • Caltrans
  • Water Agencies
  • Air Boards
  • Select Cities and Counties
Geo-Environmental engineering is a diverse and evolving field, using our broad range of experience combined with our solid understanding of core Geo-Environmental issues.  We provide cost-effective solutions supported by our broad network of contractors, other experts, and regulatory personnel, who extend our abilities when necessary.
Expert witnesses are often a necessary element in resolution of disputes related to environmental contamination.  BCI’s practice leaders are experienced as expert witnesses have been retained in various cases involving Geo-Environmental issues.
BCI knows that no two Geo-Environmental projects are the same, so we bring a diverse solution oriented approach to every new Geo-Environmental task whether it’s residual contamination from historic mining or agriculture, aerially deposited lead from vehicles and/or industry, or naturally occurring minerals such as asbestos.