Forensic Consultation & Expert Witness Services

Blackburn Consulting’s forensic professionals bring experience, technical expertise, and professionalism to both simple and complex construction defect cases. We proactively consult with case stakeholders including attorneys, insurance representatives, contractors, designers, consultants, and building owners to resolve construction defect issues. Often, these issues turn into disputes that require expert testimony. We have strong experience in both forensic consulting and expert witness services including deposition, Mediation/Settlement Conference, and trial testimony.

Our strengths include:
  • Fast Response
  • Diplomacy
  • Registered Professionals
  • Effective Testimony

Whether you have a small or large case, you can count on us to provide responsive and thorough consulting.

Tom Blackburn, PE, GE, F. ASCE, F. ACEC
Tom Blackburn has worked with attorneys, insurance companies, engineers, architects, contractors, owners, and developers on relatively simple to complex construction litigation cases. Mr. Blackburn is an objective expert. Although Tom is an excellent technical engineer, he is also diplomatic and practical. Mr. Blackburn addresses challenges head on, and is quick to strive for closure on outstanding issues. He writes clear, concise reports in the active tense.

"I have a very high comfort level when working with Blackburn Consulting. I trust the information. With respect to testimony at trial, I know that Tom would present very well and at that point in the case, having confidence in your expert's presentation is critical.”

Eileen Booth
Jacobsen & McElroy
Bob Lokteff, PE, GE
With over 27 years of geotechnical engineering and materials testing experience, Bob Lokteff provides experienced expert consulting services for forensic engineering cases.  Bob has worked with attorneys, insurance companies, public agencies, and private-sector clients on cases that involve foundation settlement, expansive soil issues, drainage problems, slope instability, and moisture vapor migration. Mr. Lokteff provides careful evaluation and well thought-out findings and recommendations.