Inspection Services

Blackburn Consulting's Construction Inspectors are specifically experienced on public works projects. Many have specialized training and education for various construction procedures and techniques. They know the Standard Specifications for Public Works, Caltrans Standard Specifications, Construction Standards, the applicable portions of the various uniform building/safety codes and standard practices for testing and quality assurance.

Our construction inspectors are qualified to provide:

  • Daily or Periodic Inspection of Job Related Activities
  • Daily Inspection of General Site Preparation
  • Inspection for New Road Construction and Existing Road Widening and Improvements
  • Inspection for Traffic Signalization
  • Continual Review of Plans and Specifications
  • Coordination with Contractor Schedules
  • Documentation of Work Crews, Equipment, and Duration for Extra Work
  • Meetings preparation and attendance
  • Measured Quantities and Review of Pay Estimates Submitted by Contractor
  • Reports of Discrepancies Requiring Corrective Actions to Construction Engineer
  • Contractor  Correspondence to Review Proposed Work and Schedule Observation
  • "Punch List" Development
  • Follow-up Corrective Measures