Caltrans On-Call Construction Services

Blackburn Consulting has an is currently providing "on-call” construction services to Caltrans’ District 3 which entails performing professional and technical construction engineering services on an "as needed” basis in support of construction of state highways, interchanges and bridges. Under this contract, our personnel performed quality assurance testing of Concrete, Soil, and Hot Mix Asphalt utilizing QC/QA, Standard, and Method inspection methods for Hot Mix Asphalt using the new Section 39 guidelines.

Our personnel performed construction serves on several projects including: 

  • Hwy 50 Widening and Pedestrian Overcrossing
  • Hwy 267 Improvements in Kings Beach
  • Hwy 89 in Tahoe City
  • Hwy 80 Bonded Wearing Course
  • Hwy 80 at Donner Summit
  • Floriston Road
  • Lake Tahoe Trout Creek to Ski Run Blvd.
  • Twelve Bridges Overcrossing of Bear River
  • Emigrant Gap
  • Truckee River Canyon

Location Caltrans District 3
Agency/Owner Caltrans
Timeframe 2008 to Present