Hidden Falls Regional Park

Blackburn Consulting provided miscellaneous support services for Hidden Falls Regional Park acquired under the Placer Legacy Open Space and Agricultural Conservation Program for wilderness recreation and habitat protection. The 221-acre open space park (with 961 additional acres in planning) features seven miles of multi-purpose trail. Improvements to the 221-acre park site began in July 2006 and include construction of a paved access road, paved parking lot, equestrian staging area, utilities, restrooms, and a 60-foot long emergency-access bridge over Deadman Canyon Creek. Our services included access road/parking lot pavement design and construction testing, bridge foundation design review and construction inspection and testing, review of access roads and trail locations with park personnel, evaluation and design recommendations for observation deck construction, and construction observation and testing during deck construction. Challenges included design/construction of quality improvements under limited funding, sites with difficult access, and variable ground conditions (hard shallow rock, loose alluvium, etc.). 

"I wanted to personally thank you all for really stepping up and getting this re-design done in record time. I really enjoy working with true professionals and look forward to working with you all on our next project.”

Tim Arndt, Senior Project Manager for Placer County Parks Division

Location Placer County, CA
Agency/Owner Placer County
Timeframe 2006 to 2008