CHP Academy EIP Levee

Blackburn Consulting performed a detailed constructability review of the project plans and specifications for the CM team prior to construction and identified inconsistencies and omissions critical to the project. We provided inspection and quality control/quality assurance materials testing observation and monitoring during construction of approximately 6,000 feet of levee. Levee construction consisted of embankment construction of 110,000 cubic yards of fill, levee degrade, rock slope protection, toe drain realignment, 2,400 lineal feet of concrete slope protection, and 4,400 lineal feet of soil-bentonite cut off wall varying in depth from 25 to 70 feet. Inspectors monitored daily construction activities, labor, equipment, and materials testing during construction to ensure conformance with project plans and specifications.

Location West Sacramento, CA
Agency/Owner West Sacramento Flood Control Agency
Timeframe 2011