Star Bend Setback Levee

The Star Bend Setback Levee project consists of about 3,600 lineal feet of new levee construction along the west side of the Feather River in Sutter County. The levee will be about 24 feet tall, 20 feet wide at the crest with side slopes of 3:1 (horizontal to vertical). The purpose of the setback levee is to increase flood protection on both sides of the river while mitigating significant seepage issues under the existing levee.
Blackburn Consulting performed a subsurface investigation along the proposed levee alignment, performed laboratory testing and prepared a report containing geotechnical findings and design recommendations. We performed finite element seepage analysis, slope stability analysis and settlement analysis for the new levee. Our report included recommendations for seepage mitigation options including a slurry cut-off wall, seepage berm and pressure relief wells in accordance with current US Corps of Engineers design criteria. Also provided geotechnical oversight during construction.

Location Sutter County, California
Agency/Owner Levee District No. 1 of Sutter County
Timeframe 2005-2007