SAFCA Levee Accreditation Project

Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) plans to attain Urban Level of Flood Protection (ULOP) accreditation for its levees along the Lower American and Sacramento Rivers and tributaries in North Sacramento. The accreditation will include the Natomas East Main Drainage Canal (east side), Arcade Creek, Robla Creek, Dry Creek, Lower American River, Lower Sacramento River (east side from downtown Sacramento to Freeport), and Beach Lake. Previous evaluation shows portions of these levees do not meet embankment and foundation stability requirements. The evaluation also revealed erosion sites and several high-hazard encroachments that need to be addressed for accreditation.

SAFCA recently selected BCI as part of a CM team to improve these levees for accreditation. BCI will provide quality assurance materials testing.

Location Sacramento County, CA
Agency/Owner Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency