Non-Urban Levee Evaluation Program

Blackburn Consulting served on three teams to evaluate levee conditions under the Non-Urban Levee Evaluation (NULE) program for the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). We evaluated approximately 100 miles of levee along the Sacramento River (Knights Landing to Colusa) and the Colusa Basin Drain. Our evaluations served to determine whether the levees met defined geotechnical criteria and, where necessary, to identify remedial measures necessary to meet geotechnical criteria. 

The evaluations included:

  • Document compilation, research, and review
  • Interviews of individuals familiar with the levees
  • Review of levee conditions
  • Subsurface investigation
  • Laboratory testing
  • Evaluation of levee stability
  • Estimation of the risk of levee failure
  • Discussion of the inspection and review performed
  • Recommendations regarding levee integrity/adequacy, and 
  • Future recommended work activities. 


BCI also provided inspections on existing embankment and concrete dams to document performance and determine remedial action.

Location Colusa and Yolo Counties, CA
Agency/Owner California Department of Water Resources
Timeframe 2007-2012