Feather River West Levee Rehabilitation

The Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency (SBFCA) initiated the Feather River West Levee Project (FRWL) to rehabilitate approximately 40 miles of levee between Thermolito Afterbay and the Feather River’s confluence with the Sutter Bypass.  Following a substantial evaluation, the majority of the levee was found to be susceptible to through-seepage, underseepage, and slope instability.

FRWL Project Segment A consists of about 11 miles of levee. For this segment, BCI completed subsurface exploration, laboratory tests, engineering analysis and multiple reports that include findings, conclusions and recommendations for potential borrow sites, seepage mitigation, slope stability mitigation and settlement mitigation.  BCI reviewed over a hundred existing boring logs and over a thousand laboratory test results and performed statistical analysis to determine design parameters for various soil conditions.  BCI utilized detailed excel spreadsheets to plot laboratory and blow count results to produce a variety of scatter graphs to determine values for design.  BCI followed current design criteria required by the US Army Corps of Engineers and California Department of Water Resources.  BCI consistently met the project deliverable schedules and budgets for the phases.

BCI currently provides Quality Assurance Materials Testing and Inspection services for Project Areas B, C, and D, about 37 miles of levee in total.  The scope of the project includes correction of levee slope geometry, installation of shallow and deep cutoff walls, reconstruction of pump stations and canals, embankment construction, levee patrol roads, and access ramps.  BCI performs all aspects of quality assurance for the CM team related to embankment fill, clay core, pipe removal and realignments, pump station realignments, open trench soil bentonite and deep mix method cutoff walls, borrow site analysis, relief well repair and levee road reconstruction.  BCI set up and maintains a fully functioning USACE-approved laboratory at the project site to expedite laboratory analysis and turnaround time of results. 


"BCI has been a very valuable part of SBFCA’s Construction Management team on the Feather River West Levee Project (FRWLP).  The extensive Materials Testing work performed by BCI was an instrumental component of the FRWLP Quality Assurance program.  BCI also assisted in resolving some very difficult issues during construction and provided valuable problem solving skills to help keep the project running smoothly.”

Michael Bessette, P.E., Director of Engineering
Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency


Location Sutter and Butte Counties, CA
Agency/Owner Sutter Butte Flood Control Agency
Timeframe 2011 to Present
Construction Costs Approximately $170M