American River Channel Restoration

This Reconstruction and Intake Facility was a joint project between the US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and Placer County Water Agency (PCWA). The project included reconstruction (grading, placement of riprap, and subsurface cutoffs) of approximately 1.5 miles of river channel, design and construction of new PCWA intake facilities and closure of the dam diversion tunnel.  

Blackburn Consulting evaluated subsurface conditions including alluvial depth/composition and structural geology, and provided options for excavation and fill placement, rock slope stability, design and construction of structures, and construction testing/inspections. We also assisted in preparation of specifications for grading, foundation construction, blasting, and rock bolting. Significant challenges included site access and methods to determine depth of fill/alluvium overlying bedrock (for foundations and cutoffs), and defining the variety of materials within the site and their reuse within the project. We coordinated with the USBR in obtaining borehole and excavator data on bedrock depth and quality and groundwater elevation. Exposed rock structure/extent mapping was completed and extrapolated to covered areas and combined with subsurface data for preliminary evaluation and design recommendations.

Location Auburn, CA
Agency/Owner USBR and PCWA
Timeframe 2005 - 2007