About Us


Tom and Grace Blackburn founded Blackburn Consulting in 1998. Bob Lokteff joined the ownership team in 2003. Dave Morrell and Wendy Supinger joined the ownership team in 2007.

Mission Statement

Provide excellent and economical engineering solutions and fertile ground for employee growth.

Core Values

Honesty, Quality, Teamwork, Family, Fairness, Fun, and Growth.


Blackburn Consulting has a flat organizational structure, which translates to fast client response. Everyone works hard. We provide thoughtful, cost-saving approaches to difficult problems. 


We are proud of our excellent reputation! To maintain and enhance quality, we:
  • Develop excellent relationships inside and outside the firm
  • Assign experienced, registered professionals to complete and review each project
  • Require an internal QA/QC review and two signatures on all reports, letters, calculations, plans and specifications
  • Conduct the rigorous GBA Peer Review program (last reviewed November 2012)
  • Obtain and maintain critical certifications
  • Invest in current engineering and business software
  • Invest heavily in employee training and education (1-3% of salary)
  • Maintain in-house laboratories, staffed by experienced technicians and overseen by registered professionals

Professional Staff

Our registered professional engineers and geologists actually manage and perform the work. Most of our senior professionals have practiced in Central and Northern California for over 20 years. Our senior level approach results in smoother projects with fewer surprises.  

Field Personnel

We have assembled a highly experienced staff of certified field and laboratory inspectors and testers. You won't get an untrained "rookie" on your next project!


Thorough, concise, and constant communications are the key to smooth project management and integration with agency, design, and construction team members. Projects are more complex than ever, we simplify correspondence and communicate promptly and often.